We want you. We want fun and energetic people to join us. We need event ambassadors at all events to help. You will be the main point of contact at events for players with questions or needing help. With our system, and your help we can tailor events in your area to meet your local players needs. We will have multiple ambassadors in each area so it doesn't fall on one person to keep everything going.

Current Event Organizers

We want to work with you. Using our free platform you can promote and run your event either in person or remotely. Need help? We can run the whole event, some of it, or nothing. Its up to you and you can change it anytime. You need a night, week, month off we have your back and can take care of everything. You decide on your level of involvement and can change it at any time.


We need multiple partners that fit our vision. We need hardware, software, app developers, table suppliers, lighting/stage, venue hosts, advertisers, sponsors, vendors, suppliers and much more. If you feel your product, company, idea is a good fit contact us and we can partner up.

Sponsors/Advertising/Cross Promotion

We want your name or product on everything. Cross Promotion, naming rights to events, event advertisements, player sponsorships, table advertisement, website, social media and much more. If we can associate a part of our product with you in a way that is beneficial to everyone we will work to make it happen